Voice Changer Plus App – Best App to Change Your Voice On Calls

A voice changer plus app offers features specifically created to help those who want to change their voice while calling someone. Many users would certainly love to have the capability to change their voices into different persons or characters to use it for various purposes. There are many advantages of using such voice changer apps, and many professionals around the world would advise aspiring users to look out for the voice changer plus app.

Here is a complete review of the voice changer plus app.

Voice Changer Plus App Review

A voice changer plus app is a free app that allows you to change your voice so that other users can’t identify your voice on the phone. You can use this app for the fun purpose also to prank your friends.


  • You can change your voice with custom audio effects and sounds. You can also add different background sounds.
  • You can also save your customized effects. Also, you can share that voice with other users.
  • It comes with Full VoiceOver support.
  • Apart from being simple to operate, the voice changer plus app also has a few other advantages. It can be used for VoIP also. In general, the Voice Changer Plus App is considered a great app for those who need some assistance with their personalized voices. This is because they have made their voices using the Vibrancy technology, and thus, it is easy to change the volume and other such sounds.
  • The audio quality is always going to be crystal clear. There are several different sounds, music, and voices available to transform the voice. For example, if you speak to someone in Spanish, you will have to use different voice modifying methods than if you were talking to a friend. However, it is possible to get the desired results by using the many unique ways of changing the sounds.
  • One of the voice changer plus app’s coolest features is that it allows the user to change the volume and sounds, backgrounds, pitch, tone, and bass line. It also offers several useful tools such as the undo button, track change button, start/stop button, pa/ defer button, etc. It can be used for controlling different types of phone calls. Apart from that, it features an array of 55 voice effects.

Voice Changer Plus App

  • The voice changer plus appĀ is available for free, and there is no hidden cost.

Voice Changer Plus App Pros and Cons

Some of the pros of using this app are as follows. It has an extremely user-friendly interface and provides a lot of versatility. It provides the users with the facility of having different voice effects. It also has many useful tools like the undo function, track change button, pa/ defer function, volume control, volume increase etc. It also has many background music options. Apart from these, the mac user has a wide array of voice samples from which he can choose to have a unique effect.

There are certain pros and cons of this voice changer. The pros include the fact that it provides a wide range of options and has many sound effects, which will enable you to create a unique effect.

It is very easy to operate and does not require the users to have any technical knowledge. This means that even those who do not have any background in programming can use the voice changer plus app because it is very user friendly.

If we dig deep into the cons, we find that the voice changer plus app’s main disadvantage is its price. The Voice Changer Plus App is quite costly when compared to other similar applications. The basic version of the application is free, but you have to purchase the pro version for advanced features.

Final Words

The voice changer plus app is one of the best voice changer app for Android and iOS devices. Also, it is very easy to use. We recommend you to try and use the free version before purchasing its pro version.

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