Beginner’s Guide on How to Start Off an Essay

Essay writing is among the top academic requirements for high school and college students. While some students have mastered the art of writing the best essays, a beginner can find it tricky and view essay writing as a complex process.

Suppose you are new to essays or even an expert in the same. This article will give you the best ideas on how to start off an essay and the best ideas to make your essay flow easily. An essay is an important academic assignment since professors grade students the marks according to how they have written such papers. If you’re applying to college, this service can help you create compelling college admission essays that stand out Their expertise in the admissions process can be a valuable asset in securing your spot in your desired college. So, it is essential to understand the format, the appropriate structure, and the relevant information to include in your paper.

How to start your essay: what is a good way to start an essay?

Once you have your topic for the essay ready, the next step is to write an outline that will guide you through the writing process. However, before then, you need to figure out good ways to start an essay. Remember, how you present your paper at the beginning will determine if the reader will be interested in reading your whole paper. So, if you have been wondering, “can you start an essay with a question?” or if you can use other good hooks to start an essay, check the different ways below.

Note: it is at the introduction section where you hook up your essay. And if you are wondering what is the purpose of the introduction in an essay, it introduces the reader to what your paper is all about and what to expect while reading.

Anyway, use the following hooks in your essay to catch the reader’s attention:

  • Possing a question

When you pose a question when starting your essay, you simply prepare the reader psychologically to be part of the paper. They aren’t simply there to read what you have written, but they can connect it with the question you posed.

Example of a question you can pose: How often do you consume fast food?

Here, the reader can feel part of the paper already as they start imagining when they last took fast food. Besides, the reader will want to know what is this information you have about fast foods, therefore, developing an interest to keep reading.

  • Using a quote

Are you wondering how to start an essay with a quote? Well, getting wisdom from experts by using famous quotes is a perfect way to hook the reader to your essay. However, not every quote can fit any topic. Ensure you do some research and make sure the quote matches your topic.

Note: avoid complex quotes that will force the reader to start searching for the meaning again, as this will be a waste of time.

  • Sharing an amusing or a shocking fact

Putting an unexpected, shocking, or amusing fact will make the reader want to read more to unveil the mystery in your statement. Such statements will hook the reader to read to the end since they want to get all the explanations about your statement or fact. Again, don’t just put any fact for the sake of it. It has to relate to the topic directly.

  • Tell an interesting story

A short and interesting story is one perfect way to hook your reader to your paper. Think of the ideas your reader might want to read about, then create an interesting story revolving around the reader’s interests, based in mind that the story should be related to your topic. As you write such a story, ensure you bring out a clear theme of your topic by playing around with characters, time, place, and such elements.

  • State the thesis directly

A thesis statement is among the top elements that hook the reader to your paper. Besides, a thesis statement carries the summary of your paper. Make sure your thesis statement is as interesting as possible and direct to the point. After reading the thesis statement, the reader will be eager to unleash more discoveries through reading your paper.


Writing an essay shouldn’t be a hard task for a student who has focus. As much as the research is involved, you need to entertain as you educate your reader at the same time. That is why using good hooks to start an essay is the real deal.