Fix No Audio Output Device Installed in Windows 10

For the Sound on your Windows 10 to work, suitable audio drivers and properly connected audio devices are the two basic yet essential things. Some of the Windows 10 Operating System users experience the error called No Audio Output Device is Installed, which may be caused by one or multiple reasons which are explained in this article.

What does the error called no audio output device is installed mean?

The error stated as No audio output device is installed a common error faced by many windows users. This sound error typically means your audio output system is not working due to some reason.

Reasons for no audio output device is installed error

This audio device error generally comes after updating the Windows OS or changing the sound output device. Sometimes faculty sound output devices also cause this error to pop up in the windows system. Outdated audio drivers also could be one of the reasons for no audio output device is installed windows 10 error. If you want to check more solutions then check this website.

Fix no audio output device installed in Windows 10

To solve this audio output device error, opt for one or more methods from the following solutions.

No Audio Output Device Installed
No Audio Output Device Installed

1) Add the audio device to the Hardware list manually

To fix this error by utilizing the Device Manager which comes inbuilt in the windows OS, follow on.

1.  Open the Run dialogue box by either typing Windows + R keys or by searching it through the Start menu.

2. Type in the keywords called devmgmt.msc in the run dialogue box and press the enter key.

run windows device manager

Note: Alternatively, you can also open the device manager via the control panel.

3. Select the option called Sound, video, and game controllers from the device manager window.

4. From the top-left section of the window, click on the Action tab and then select Add legacy hardware option.

5. From the popped up window, click the Next button.

6. Now choose the option called Search for and install hardware automatically and click on the Next option.

7. Search for the tab called Sound, video and game controllers and click the Next.

8. Select the correct sound card by identifying your sound device’s manufacture brand and model. Install the latest compatible audio driver and click on the Finish button.

9. Now from the device manager, enable your audio device by right-clicking on the audio device and clicking on the Enable option.

Now you can verify if your audio error is resolved. If for some reason, your audio device’s drivers are still not loaded, you can reboot your pc. After the restart, you can observe that the audio driver for your device is automatically loaded by the Windows OS.

If you are wondering how do i fix no audio device installed error then this method may be a final solution for you. But if you still got the sound error, feel free to follow any of the mentioned methods.

2) Update Sound/Audio Drivers:

Outdated, incompatible or corrupted audio drivers are some of the main reasons for the no audio output device is installed windows 10 error. Updating your system’s sound or audio drivers can be the best fix for solving this error. To update your audio or sound drivers to the latest compatible version, you can either do it manually or by using some third-party driver updating utility tools available online.

If you want to fix all driver issues then check out some best driver update tools for Windows.

Updating Audio/Sound drivers manually:

To manually update your audio/sound drivers follow on.

1. Open the Device Manager by following the steps discussed in Method-1.

2. Select your sound device from the list of attached devices and right-click on it.

3. Select the Update Drivers option and wait for the system to download the latest compatible audio drivers for your audio device.

4. After the latest Audio/Sound drivers are installed click on the Finish button and reboot your PC.

Updating Audio/Sound drivers using third-party tools:

There are various third-party driver updating utility tools available over the internet which you can download and install on your windows machine. These utility tools simply scan your system for any missing or outdated drivers and help to download and install the latest drivers with not many efforts. You can choose any of the premium or free to use driver updating utility tools as per your preference.

Before updating the sound drivers, you can also try uninstalling the drivers and then reinstalling them again. But this is a cumbersome and not so fruitful method.

3) Reboot the system after any hardware related changes:

Sometimes, modifications in the hardware settings and configuration can cause audio-device related errors. You should make sure not to plug in or out any audio device while loading windows or updating the system. After the windows OS is fully loaded, you can feel free to attach any audio or sound peripheral to avoid any glitches and errors. Reboot your windows after any new hardware related changes like updating the drivers, installing a new audio device, etc.

4) Consider installing a new Sound Card:

Faulty or incompatible Sound Card can cause this audio device errors. There may be some defects in your Sound Card which halts the audio system on your windows system. In this scenario, you may have to replace your current sound card with a compatible new sound card.

Note: The above methods for solving audio devices regarding issues are mostly generic. So if your device model is slightly different than you should follow some steps intuitively concerning your device and system. For example, if you are wondering about hp envy 23 no audio output device installed error, Some of the steps may differ, but you can easily solve the error by following the above methods.

Download android multi-gear- unencumber sample or password of android (How to use Guide)

Ready to Unlock your locked Android devices.

We have come a protracted way since the first-ever smartphone got here into being. The sector maintains witnessing several improvements and trends now after which. Well, alongside the evolution of smartphones, security, and privateness are two essential elements that saw improvement as properly. With a spurt in demand for better safety and privateness, we also saw the arrival of fingerprint scanners, infrared face scanner, iris scanner, and whatnot. Almost every little cellphone these days comes with a bunch of security capabilities to fasten the device. A patter, password or a pin alongside a fingerprint or a face free up option is pretty common these days.

Nearly each android gadgets offer those primary capabilities of unlocking the tool. But, the problem arises when we neglect the password or the pattern. This creates trouble if you don’t have a fingerprint scanner or something else up the sleeves. This is while you wish for a device that could likely free up your android device. Properly, sure, there may be something that you may like. Android multi-tools is an exceptional application that may without difficulty liberate your tool, whether it is covered by way of a password or a pin.

Android Multi Tools:

So, in case you are caught with a locked tool and are unable to free up it even after several attempts, then this might are available accessible. This is a pretty exquisite device with a gaggle of top-notch capabilities. Whether you forgot your password or have reset the device and unable to advantage get right of entry to, this tool will do the whole thing for you. This tool can unlock android gadgets with a password, pattern or pin lock enabled. What’s even more thrilling is the device even unlocks a face identification covered device. That’s cool, right! You can also benefit get entry to for your tool with the aid of unlocking your device covered with Gmail signed-in.

The tool can unencumber pretty tons of each device that runs on android. The application is like-minded with all variations of windows and is easy to use.

Android Multi Tools Features:

The tool itself has numerous useful capabilities. Other than unlocking the device, it also gives numerous different capabilities that are available accessible. Right here are a number of the maximum beneficial capabilities the tool gives.

  • Reset Face/Pin Lock: The option allows you to easily unlock a locked device. This option is only used to remove a password or pin lock from the device.
  • Reset Face/Gesture Lock: This option comes in handy if you want to unlock a pattern protected device and even a face lock.
  • Reset Gmail: You can also reset your Gmail account on the devices. This will allow you to access the devices without signing in after resetting the device.
  • Wipe Data: The tool also allows you to wipe all the data from your device. You can clean up your device easily with this.
  • Check Device In Fastboot Mode: The tool can perform device checks as well. This option helps you check your device in the Fastboot Mode.
  • Wipe Data/Cache in Fastboot Mode: ‘Just as the option says, it wipes all the data and cache in the Fastboot Mode itself
  • Software info: You can get the complete details about the software currently running on your Android device.
  • Hardware Info: The tool also provides complete information about the hardware and various components of the device.

[Guide] How to use Android Multi Tools:

The tool comes with a pretty easy UI and is completely clean to use. You may observe these steps under to without problems release your android tool. Earlier than proceeding with the manual, you want to take care of those few things:

  • Permit the USB debugging option for your device from the developer alternatives in settings.
  • Install the proper USB device driver for your model of smartphone.
  • You should have a nicely running USB cable and make certain which you have enough charge for your phone.

How to use Android Multi Tools

After ensuring those few things, you can now continue with the steps under.

STEP 1 –

Down load the zip document given underneath. After downloading, extract the folder on your laptop and run the android multi-device software inside the folder.

STEP 2 –

Connect your tool to the pc the use of a USB cable. After the device acknowledges your device, it’ll routinely display you a list of options to select from.

STEP 3 –

Choose the wide variety for the corresponding function that you want to use to your device. If you want to reset the password or pin lock then choose 2 and hit input. The tool will mechanically do the rest. That’s it. Voila! You have successfully unlocked your device with just a few steps. Pass ahead and strive out all the other features inside the tool. Cheers peeps!! Stay tuned for similar updates on android multi-tools and greater such related content. Additionally, share this text with all those who were worried about their forgotten passwords.


California’s hashish stores get ready for toned-down 420 celebrations

Clients on the f road dispensary in midtown Davis on Sunday established plenty in their preferred plants and edibles for Monday’s informal “420” cannabis vacation. But the environment wasn’t festive.

besides, they observed blue tape at the ground, guiding them to social distance, and body of workers participants cleaning down all surface areas, a pointer that also the optimum blissful of customs ought to now abide by sober fitness methods.

” We do really feel human beings need to be enjoying at some time of this time and participating in themselves,” dispensary co-proprietor pole takes a look at mentioned. “nevertheless with all that’s taking place within the worldwide appropriate now, to produce a party environment that human beings might additionally require to gather about and get near each other, we simply can not assist currently.”

in march, The golden state-specific “employees aiding marijuana retail” as an essential element of the tough labour force. The goal was to ensure to get entrance to clinical cannabis, which provides many comforts from pain and also sleeping disorders.

stopping outside the dispensary, Nicholas Milligan stated he’ll in all likelihood do a digital 420 birthday party with pals on the video-convention application zoom.

” it’s a troubling time,” stated Milligan, a UC Davis senior as well as chemical engineering essential. “glaringly, the college continues to be taking place for me. So, it unwinds me as well as helps me handle my college lots, which is fantastic for me.”

dispensaries throughout the state suggested growth in sales ultimate month as customers feared stores would possibly near, however, the bump comes to be brief-lived, the southern The golden state newsgroup stated.

examine stated require at his store has actually been solid and customers are investing added in accordance with the deal, mainly on budget-friendly options consisting of uncooked cannabis flower. However, he’s additionally had to make alterations.

a couple of personnel with health circumstances did currently not really feel unwinded continuing to paintings. So, he’s lowered store hrs and also long past from being open 7 days weekly to five.

examine anticipates a bump in sales on 420, but will remain to preserve customers apart. They’ll situate, as an example, extra pens on the sidewalk to subject them in which to depend on what, in an additional yr, is possibly an extra free-wheeling birthday celebration party.

” We hate to be visible since the dreadful guys allowing grownups understand the method to behave,” the shopkeeper said. “and now more than each time, we require to be making certain that they’re valuing various people’s physical room and preserving a sufficient range from them.”

Train of elon musk’s spacex starlink satellites captured on video in skies above europe

A video clip has actually emerged professing to disclose and educate of SpaceX Starlink satellites transferring throughout the evening time sky above Europe. Twitter customer astrict room posted the clip– reportedly captured from the southeastern EU joined states of America of Kosovo on Sunday– in which the satellites can be viewed as a number of little white dots lined up straight. Numerous social media sites customers in various other components of Europe additionally recommended seeing a teach of Starlink satellites moving inside the skies over their residences on Sunday.

In the meantime, youtube individual Danny Clayton said: “inside UK Okay. Proper currently– can see a prolonged education of lights fixtures moving (normally) evenly throughout the skies. Looks a bit creepy!”

Train of Elon musk’s SpaceX Starlink satellites captured

on April thirteen, an astronaut aboard the global area terminal also handled to break a picture of a Starlink satellite instruct from an altitude of around 230 nautical miles. Starlink is an assignment that entails sending out lots of greatly generated satellites into orbit to use high-velocity internet insurance coverage throughout the globe, even to areas wherein obtain admission to has generally been unstable, costly, or entirely unavailable, according to the venture. So far, Elon musk’s company has actually currently released greater than 300 guy or lady satellites right into orbit in batches of 60, with the release of greater than 1,500 greater deliberate within the future to offer a close to-goal service utilizing 2021 or 2022, spaceflight now noticeable.

The subsequent set of Starlink satellites is ready for launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida on April 23, regardless of recurring disturbance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a whole, SpaceX has actually gotten regulative approval to run virtually 12,000 satellites from the area to convey net connectivity. But, a number of experts have slammed the mission due to its possible to produce huge amounts of room particles as well as influence expensive observations, while in addition having an impact at the view of the evening skies.

” StarLink is against the legislation against humanity; it burglarizes us of the skies of our forefathers to each space of the earth,” Travis long core, a moderate toxins expert from UCLA, wrote on twitter in march. Similarly, most current researches executed by scientists from the European southerly observatory found that planned satellite tv for pc mega-constellations from the similarity SpaceX as well as various other groups should have an intense influence on extensive-area surveys done with huge telescopes, despite the fact that the astronomers warn that more investigations need to be accomplished.

” satellites utilized to be a minor problem. They have actually been a couple of, so a satellite crossing our topic of view was rare. As their array will increase, satellites will certainly end up being a component of light pollution, much like opportunity lights components,” Olivier Hainaut, among the writers of the study, informed Newsweek on the moment. “we had can break out light pollutants via placing our telescopes in the centre of the barren area. We may not be able to burst out satellites.”

Coronavirus face masks: with out one, this video indicates how a good deal you spit whilst you speak

Coronavirus face masks: without one, this video suggests just how a good deal you spit whilst you talk

Everyone who operates at Walmart or sam’s club now has to put on a face mask all through their change, a change to coverage that formerly mentioned the mask has been optional. Yet this doesn’t merely make larger to the people at the floor– the exact same currently furthermore applies for everyone who operates in Walmart’s circulation as well as accomplishment facilities, along with in its corporate offices.

This shift in latest days by way of the most significant brick-and-mortar seller in the worldwide comes after similar recommendations from America centres for health issues adjust and also avoidance, which currently claims that “material face coverings” are urged for all individuals out of doors in their home while “various social distancing procedures are difficult to maintain.” anecdotally, I’ve run out the residence some in recent days, and face masks usage still doesn’t appear to be awfully substantial (there are lots of objectives for that, of instructions, that includes the moving and hard guiding from health and wellness police officers at the beginning, within the early days of the coronavirus calamity).

Nevertheless, if you require to see a rather primary, honest visualization of why it’s essential for any individual to use face masks now, this video clip from the New England Journal of medication have to make points quite clear. The video below use lasers to brighten the degree to which all of us remove particles (k, spit) when we talk. Even when we do not mean we do. And also no more only that, nonetheless you do it extra the louder you connect. Click on play at the video clip below, although, as well as view what takes place when you put on masks:

NEJM envisions how droplet spread throughout talking

The louder you speak, the more droplet.https:// ffLfT0rzOy.

View exactly how beads were virtually totally eliminated when covered with a wet cloth.

” My mask safeguards you; your mask shields me.” #Masks 4All #COVID 19 #coronavirus

— Andy Biotech (@AndyBiotech) April 16, 2020.

” the act of speakme produces dental liquid droplets that differ commonly in size, and also those droplets can harbour transmittable infection particles,” the piece in the journal checks out. “while big beads drop fast to the flooring, little beads can dehydrate and stick around as ‘droplet nuclei’ inside the air, in which they act like an aerosol as well as thus expand the spatial quantity of sent out transmittable particles.”.

curiously, the item is going directly to explain that it discovered the wide variety of fragments discharged at some point of speech seems to grow whenever you speak louder. At the same time as the journal describes that a person takes a look at has determined droplets to be truly smaller sized than those we discharge while we cough or sneeze, their wide array is at the least comparable whether the man or woman is simply speakme or coughing.

Due to the fact that the video over suggests, despite the fact that, this is what’s so nuanced about lugging masks, and also why it could be a touch counterproductive to wear one. The common man or female might think, “I’m now not unwell, so why do I need to put on one?” my masks aren’t supposed to protect me, however– it’s for you. And the masks you wear, furthermore, safeguard me from all the one’s particles emitted throughout a speech that can very well include the coronavirus.

Privacy legislation and teenagers: Leave me and my Facebook alone!

Developing an adolescent network of friends

Being a teenager, for me, was largely a trial-and-error process of figuring out how to be an adult. I wanted autonomy, I wanted to succeed, and I wanted to be able to ask for help — but only on my terms. I created a “family” of friends, relying on them for the moral support and frames of reference that I had previously looked to my relatives for. We muddled our way through adolescence, as I imagine most teens do, trying to work out together how to handle our uncertain futures, new relationships and the stress of achieving good grades. We learned together.

Underneath that bonding and grouping, I distinctly remember not just drifting from my family but actively setting up blocks. “I want to do this my way, by myself!” was a big mantra of those years. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wrote in the 1890s that the US Constitution guarantees “the right to be let alone—the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men”. I was pretty positive Brandeis was writing right to me; as a (self-declared) civilised almost-adult, I thought that right was sacrosanct. I wanted to be let alone with my friends.

Social Networking – the online models of our groups of friends

Feet of friendsSocial networking platforms like Facebook, Myspace and Bebo allow teenagers to intensify their relationships with members of their group. In creating a profile or home page, they can create and re-create their own identities, experimenting with who they are and how they want to be seen. They get to identify themselves with social groups, be seen as belonging (through displaying their friends) and discover who else belongs with whom. And best of all — the parents aren’t invited. This is a world of their own, ideally suited to the adolescent’s social development.

Privacy legislation and teenagers

The tension: Protecting the kids or invading their privacy?

If we can extrapolate my experience to a majority of Internet-using teenagers, social networking sites are supporting them in the social development they’re already doing. The challenge comes in building new relationships, where the lack of context can make it easy for someone with a nefarious agenda to mislead the unsuspecting. (See previous post.) The quick intimacy teenagers build can mask the fact that they don’t actually know who is on the other end of the conversation.

Recent US legislation has attempted to minimise the risks to kids. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) prohibits site operators from collecting personal data from kids under 13 without verifiable parental consent, and removes their liability for disclosing information to the parent about the child. In a previous post, I have discussed the proposed Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006, and this week the Georgia Senate has begun to consider a bill that would raise the age of parental consent to 18. No minors in Georgia would be allowed to engage in social networks without their parents having full access.

At the same time, the chief privacy officer for Facebook, Chris Kelly, maintains that they are restricted from sharing activity and profile content with parents by federal law. “Under the Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act, we cannot give anyone access to or control of an individual’s profile on Facebook”, Kelly said. In addition to the overhead if they were required to open up all that data and verify which parent belongs to which kid, the inevitable response would be diminished site activity. If kids knew that Mom and Dad could listen in, they would find somewhere else to talk.

(Facebook of course has an interest in keeping activity levels high and therefore maintaining its revenue stream, which appears to be advertising-based. But it would fall short of its goal of “helping people better understand the world around them” if everyone restrained their contributions to each other’s world views because they felt they were being spied on.)

How do we sort this out?

Biking – shadowsIf we go back to my assertion that social networking is modelling interactions and social development that we all do anyway, then the dangers aren’t actually that new. As an offline teenager, I was certainly taught not to give my address to anyone I didn’t know, and not to talk to strangers. I knew to look both ways before crossing the street. I knew how to listen for conversational cues that I was talking to someone with bad motives, and to recognise that friends of friends aren’t necessarily okay just because they come with a “reference” from somebody I know. All these messages kept me safe in the big bad real world, and I knew them because I was taught.

Teenagers need to form groups, to share information and to grow with their friends. And to establish a bit of independence from their families. Social networking can support this growth, but someone needs to make sure that online safety is included with the “surviving in the real world” lessons every kid gets either at home or at school. Particularly because parents are less involved in the conversation than they were when the children were younger, teenagers must be well prepared to make good decisions on their own. Unfortunately, legislation restricting access or allowing parents to “eavesdrop” won’t teach good judgment. Nor will applying privacy legislation — many kids wouldn’t figure this out on their own. Parents, teachers and role models are still ultimately responsible for these almost-adults, and it should be up to these adults to prepare them properly.

If life had a soundtrack…

My old friend Erika once said to me, ‘If life had a soundtrack, what would be on it?’

Though my answer to her continually changes, responding to my mood and interests, I do have one thing figured out: It would be played on an iPod.

dancing girlSteve Jobs let slip this week that Apple has sold 90 million iPods to date. That’s quite a lot, for a technology that wasn’t a functional pioneer in the field. We’ve had digital music for quite a while, and the iPod was far from the first portable player. I’ve grown up with Sony Walkmen, stereos, computers that play my CDs… Why the craze?

If life had a soundtrack…

iPods are successful because they bring music into areas of life that would otherwise be without-soundtrack. My slim, elegant, convenient holds-all-my-music-and-then-some player adds a dimension to what might otherwise be boring chores. On the tube, when I’d otherwise be re-reading the ads for the hundredth time or trying not to make eye contact with fellow commuters… I now get to eye them with a sense of irony and the Bangles’ Manic Monday in my ears. Popping out to get lunch… I can clear my head of the morning’s meetings with a Sting tune. Breaking free of the office at the end of a Friday afternoon… I can kick-start my weekend with a little Jimmy Buffett. The music makes me feel good at times when otherwise, I’d be trudging along with the rest of London in February.

If life had a soundtrack…

McGill University’s Daniel Levitin has an physiological explanation for this. Levitin heads McGill’s Laboratory for Music Perception, Cognition and Expertise, and his research demonstrates how music is hard-wired into the emotional areas of the brain.

brain scanIn a recent New York Times article, he explains that first the brain analyses the structure and meaning of the music, then it releases dopamine, which produces a sense of pleasure and reward. At the same time, the cerebullum (which generally controls movement) reacts every time the song creates tension, by producing unresolved chords or changing tempo. (This appears to be, by the way, why we have to tap our toes or dance to a good song.)

When I was growing up, I had songs that were the soundtracks to high school and college. Now when I hear Breakfast at Tiffany’s (by Deep Blue Something), I’m transported back to learning how to drive. The old classic Oh What a Night takes me back to dancing around my dorm room at university. These sounds pull up the emotions, the thoughts and the context of those moments because they helped define them.

Now, as a professional in a public-transport city, I don’t have the luxury of long hours in a dorm full of friends or a car stereo. For this, I now have an iPod. I can’t tell you yet what will be on the 2007 soundtrack of my life, but I can tell you this: It will come out of the 1,334 songs in my pocket.

The spam of my blog

Because it’s a Friday, and because this has made me laugh through the week, I’d like to share with you a bit about my blog’s spam.

Quick background: let me help you boost your search ranking

Google ranks web pages based on a formula which includes their popularity (measured by how many other pages have links that point to it — see the classic Google paper Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Search Engine for more details). Consequently, the more pages out there refer to yours, the better your chances are of ending up near the top of the Google Results list when someone does a search. If you’re out to artificially inflate that ranking, planting links to your site around the web will boost your ratings. The higher your ranking, the more users will notice you, the more traffic you will get, and the more advertising revenue or potential sales you’ll land by getting them (figuratively) through the door.

The spam of my blog

And where to plant links to your site? Blog comments! Most blogging software will let you post more or less what you like, in HTML, on endless pages within the millions of blogs out there. (Note: at press time, Technorati is currently tracking 69.2 million blogs. And they haven’t got the whole blogosphere. The field is vast.)

We do have anti-spam software that filters spam comments, for example by the number of links a post contains. We blog-holders are not captive to the wills of blog spammers. But my spam filter, Akismet, kindly holds the spam comments it detects for my review. It is from this week’s list of Akismet spam from my blog that I pull the following trends.

This past week, I’ve kept a particular eye on my blog’s spam. Since I delete them and you never get to see how funny they are, I thought I’d pull up a few to share with you.

The spam of my blog

Because they’re just out to get their links up on my site, the spammers have to convince me to post (or not delete) their comment. Each spam post begins with a little commentary around the links they are promoting, a feeble effort to catch my attention or fool me into thinking it’s a legitimate comment. These are what amuse me, and what I want to show to you.

A number of them are complimentary to my site or a particular post.

Hi! Guys how you manage to make such perfect sites? Good fellows!
(This was for debt consolidation services. I like the idea of being called “fellows”. Apt for a lone female running the site.)

With posts like this how long before we give up the newspaper?!!

(This was a site just trying to generate traffic. But I like that they’re referencing the whole Web 2.0-threatens-mainstream-media debate.)

This is a cool site! Thanks and wish you better luck!

(This was a comment selling replica handbags. It was posted on my Privacy Legislation and Teenagers post. It’s nice of them to, er, extend their sympathies… but I didn’t find that article so difficult to write! I imagine this was written with a more emotional blog in mind.)

That was a very nice post, I’m proud of you.

(Now that’s sweet. It recurs regularly, and even though I’m not interested in the loans and refinancing it offers, the comment always makes me feel good about the hard work I put into my blog.)

Some are just unrelated to the links. I got this romantic text under the subject heading of Cheap Shopping:
Lorsque la main d’un homme effleure la main d’une femme, tous deux touchent a l’éternité.
(Rough translation: “As the man’s hand brushes the woman’s, both of them touch eternity.” It may actually be syrupy enough to warrant the painkillers they were touting.)

Another tries to play the sympathy card:

My life’s been generally bland. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me. I don’t care. I’ve just been sitting around doing nothing, but eh.
(This came with a gmail address, and just to be sure I sent them an email asking if everything was okay. Hey, I’m a nice person! Not surprisingly, the message bounced. I then discovered that the link URL was a pointer which resolved to a site selling Viagra.)

I got one yesterday that was actually honest. No preamble, just a long list of links titled Greats from me: . I still didn’t post it, and I don’t need the sleep aids that were listed below, but I do appreciate the forthright approach.

For sheer creativity, as well as honesty in marketing, my current favourite is this one:


If your site getting constantly spammed, then you are in urgent need of a new folding table
Check these: folding poker tables
Sincerely yours,
folding tables seller

That did catch my attention. I had to laugh. A salesman who knows their market! I’m impressed that they thought about what drives me as a consumer. It’s too bad that I can’t see how a folding table would solve my spam issues, but if they want to come back and leave a comment about it, I will be happy to approve it for posting.

Bulgaria sees the value in tech growth

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Bulgaria and was struck by a country in economic and technological transition. The apartment blocks and factories, remnants of an industrial Communist era now past, clashed sharply with the modest stone-and-wood houses built by occupants who might herd goats or raise roosters in the garden. Overlaid atop this architectural tug-of-war across the countryside (no doubt simmering since the Soviet Army invaded in 1944) are signs of technological infrastructure and Western prosperity.

Bulgaria sees the value in tech growth

The billboards at Sofia airport for Hewlett-Packard and our other favourite technology companies were my first evidence that the country is growing both with through technology tools and with the innovation funds that their creator companies bring. The technology sector already accounts for 10% of Bulgaria’s GDP and the country is proud of it.

“There is no doubt the ‘old’ EU member states, for all their experience, could learn from what we have been doing in Bulgaria in terms of economic growth and competitiveness,” said Sergei Stanishev, Bulgarian prime minister, last week. Stanishev spoke in a pre-Spring EU summit in Brussels.

Bulgaria sees the value in tech growth
Bulgaria sees the value in tech growth

Stanishev’s pride wasn’t just talk — I was particularly impressed with the Bansko ski resort, boasting new Doppelmayr ski lifts and the RFID-based Skidata passes that allowed us skiers through a turnstile and straight onto the lift. Far more efficient than checking paper passes by hand! Bansko seems to have been planned out with technology and efficiency in mind.gondola at Bansko

Stanishev did admit that intellectual property protections (among other things) remain a challenge for Bulgaria to become a competitor in the world technology market. Yesterday, Bulgaria’s EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva made effort towards laying down IP policy for the country. Weighing in on the international iTunes music debate in her capacity as European Commissioner for Consumers, Kuneva said, “[I do not find it] proper that a music CD can be played on all trademarks of players, but the music sold in iTunes can be played only on an iPod.” Taking this leadership role for the EU in such a high-stakes IP struggle could be significant for Bulgaria. Watch this space.

It appears that this beautiful country, which joined the EU at the beginning of this year, has every intention of becoming a major player in the tech economy. Today’s news announces that they have just been slated to receive €7 billion in EU funding over the next 7 years — I’m quite keen to see what they accomplish with it.

DIY Publicity: promoting your band through social networking

A friend of mine has a band. They are great musicians and fun people — the consumate performers. They are busily working their contacts in the music industry and in discussions with record labels for contracts. They have a lot going for them, but when it comes to gigs… Disappointingly few people turn up. Why is that?

The band has a page on Myspace, which as been running for about 18 months. It holds about 1,500 friends, which, given how many people these guys have performed for and how many friends those audience members all have… It’s a fraction of the number it could be, and still doesn’t explain why less than 1% of them are coming out to gigs. Their events should be mobbed. So what can the band do?

1) Expand the fan base with everyone you already know. They’ll do the work for you.

This is a concerted effort, a planned attack. Make a list of every musician you’ve ever worked with, every girl who’s ever batted her eyelashes (this band is fronted by cute boys, so there should be plenty), every family member you’ve got, community members (including old teachers, parents of friends, friends of parents, etc. etc. etc.), music execs, people you chat to after gigs… You want to engage everyone you’ve ever met — and then some.

DIY Publicity
DIY Publicity

Generally, when you’re starting a band, the whole world wants to see you succeed. You just need to tap into that enthusiasm. They feel special to be involved, and you’re doing something they probably wouldn’t have the courage to. All you need to do is to make them feel involved, and they’ll rush to support you.

2) Give your supporters something to do.

Keep reminding yourself: They WANT to help. So you want them to stay engaged. When you first tell them, “Hey, we’re starting a band” (or “Things are going well, we’ve got a gig next week”, wherever you are in the process) and they say “That’s great! Well done!” (which is usually accompanied by the thought, “I’m really impressed. And so glad it’s not me! I wouldn’t have a clue how sing/play/perform!”) , JUMP ON IT. Capitalise on the fact that they’re feeling both in awe and a little inadequate by giving them the chance to get involved and help where they can.

Production in the studio – behind the scenesStart with a little status update that doesn’t have to mean much but feels “behind the scenes” (explain that you are doing your best with the recording/the rehearsing/the chasing up new drummer), but that you’d love to keep them posted on your activities. (And/or will want to let them know the second the album is released or the new video goes into production, etc.) Point them to your social networking site and tell them to become your friend… This is the ultimate WATCH THIS SPACE move. They’re now watching.

3) Give them a reason to stay involved.

They love you; show that somebody’s home at your end of the conversation. This means new content on your site every 3-4 days. Something, anything. Thoughts, plans, a silly story from rehearsal, a “this week we worked on X” rundown, frustrations with production, anything. Blogs are particularly good for this kind of chit-chat. It doesn’t have to say

anything detailed about any person or song; just that you’re still there, and you care enough about these people to keep this conversation going.

Remind them REGULARLY (once every week or two) that you’re busy working on all this. These reminders should find them (bulletins, emails — anything that lands in their lap, as opposed to them having to come to your page to find it). Create hype. Be consistent about it.

This will keep these guys engaged while you keep adding new ones to the list. And your numbers will grow!

4) Translate it into ticket and album sales.

Concert ticketsYour final goal is that by the time you release the date of your next gig, every last person on your now doubled friends list will be chomping at the bit to be there to support you. They’re going to care enough that even if they can’t go, they’ll send someone on their behalf.

The same should be true with album sales. Because they feel like they “got in at the ground level” and helped you along the way, they’re emotionally invested. They’re going to cry more than you will when you get your Mercury prize.

5) Recognise how easy this is.

Social networking sites work because you establish instant access to all the people you’d want to be talking to anyway, in the real world. You have their attention, and are giving them an easy way to showcase your efforts to everyone they know. 99% of it is just a method of keeping track of, and keeping involved, the people that your music touches in reality.

Nobody’s loyal to a band they run into online — we respond to hype. We explore suggestions from friends, we try not to get left out of a trend, and we follow through on a strong desire to help “real people” try to make it. So give your fan base a way to hype you and to introduce their friends to your music. Let them work FOR you.

And while you’ve got their attention — don’t forget to tell them how much you love them and how grateful you are. In the same way that you’d thank a friend who drove for miles to be there and cheer you on, let these people know you care. With a good effort on a social networking site, you can do that for all of them at once. You’ll quickly build a huge group who feel personally connected to you and your music.

Now that they’re listening, the rest is up to you. Give them something fabulous to listen to!