Internship Essay Writing Tips for a Successful Application

An internship offers a great opportunity for students to explore what they have been learning in class practically. Besides, if a student lands an amazing place for their internship, they can land a lifetime employment opportunity they always wanted. As part of the application process to land an internship chance, students may be tasked to write an internship essay. When this opportunity comes, you need to express yourself in a professional manner, including ideas you intend to accomplish in the specific field.

Like any other academic assignment, when writing an internship application essay, make sure you follow the approved internship essay format as part of the academic requirements. Besides, when you have ideas flowing in an appropriate format, it will give the reader an impression that you understand what you are doing and that you have undertaken the course and now you are ready for an internship opportunity.

How to write an essay for an internship

Now that you have studied your course effectively and now ready to explore the real field outside. It is about time you write the internship essay to get a chance to explore and keep learning as you interact with other professionals in the same field. The worry you have now is how to start an internship essay. Well, the following tips and guidelines will help you write the best internship application essay:

1. Write a catchy introduction to hook the reader

Of course, when writing an internship essay, you don’t want the reader to get bored the moment they read the first few sentences. Remember, the reader has many other essays in line waiting for them to read. So, the only secret to having the reader read all of your essay is using catchy phrases that will grab the reader’s attention no matter what. Remember to use a hook related to your study field and not any available hook.

2. Write a good thesis statement

After writing a catchy introduction, you need to craft a thesis statement meant to guide the reader on what your essay is all about. Make sure you narrow the focus to the particular internship you intend to get. For instance, if you specialize in the teaching field, you can write a thesis statement like, “my volunteer experience teaching differently-abled students has helped me develop compassion and empathy.

3. Include your strengths

One of the best ways how to write an internship essay is by narrowing your focus on your capabilities. Explain your significance to a particular company, organization, and business at large. Remember, as much as the internship will benefit you through gaining different experiences, you also need to show the reader how your presence will help improve the productivity of the company.

4. Add your experience

Still, wondering how to bring out the best internship experience essay? Well, the reader wants to know how experienced you are getting a given internship opportunity. As much as you are fresh from school, there are relevant skills and qualifications you achieved while studying. Make sure you include all the experiences you have that make you stand out from other candidates.

5. Write a personal statement for internship

The purpose of writing an internship essay is to convince the reader that you qualify for the opportunity. When you write a personal statement for an internship, you give the institution the opportunity to review your seal and motivation as to why you want the chance. Make sure you present the ideas in a logical manner and with perfect grammar and spelling when crafting the personal statement for internship.

6. Prove your work ethic

Of course, no one will want idlers in their institute. As much as it is an internship, you need to prove that you are ready to treat the chance like a real job, even if you are not being paid.


Writing an internship essay isn’t as complex as some may perceive. You only need to put together relevant ideas and tips, and everything else will fall in place.