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Shortyz Crosswords is among my personal favorites puzzle game for fun. I enjoy playing it every week, day after day. The layout is simple, and anyone can get used to it quickly. It does not have an endless number of crossword puzzles, but it always has a unique puzzle to solve. You only need to login to the site and navigate through a few menus to start with your free puzzles.

Shortyz will give you a few free puzzles to help you practice your skills from time to time. Once you master a certain level, you get to unlock the app’s paid version, which gives you unlimited crosswords puzzles, word challenges, and word Squeeze options. I prefer the free app for its simplicity and ease of use. However, I do acknowledge that the paid version does have its fair share of benefits. If you are serious about competing at the experts’ level, I would recommend the paid version.

Why Shortyz Crosswords App?

Shortyz Crosswords is among my favorites because you can quickly access the most recent puzzles and even enter them in a new search. This helps me stay up to date and sharp on my crossword skills. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked for a new word to solve a puzzle only to come up with nothing.

My favorite part about Shortyz is the community involved with the site. You can join many communities ranging from a basic message board to a blog, where you can share your daily solve with other members. It’s nice to share solutions with other people in the same boat. It will help you to sharpen your crossword puzzle skills.

The only downfall I can think of with the shortyz crosswords app is that there isn’t much variety. They do offer a couple of free crossword puzzles.

For those who are more technologically challenged, the Shortyz Android app is one of my favorite crosswords solvers. It supports almost all devices and works flawlessly on both rooted and unrooted smartphones (and tablets). It’s also compatible with most tablet computers you might have lying around the house and comes free with every Android Marketroid purchase. To me, this is by far one of the best crosswords applications out there. It does what it says and does it wonderfully.

If you’re into playing crosswords or looking for a new game to play while watching your favorite TV show, check out the free app of Shortyz. The next time you feel lazy enough to browse the web, pick up your iPhone and fire up Shortyz. You’ll have hours of enjoyment searching crosswords on your phone. The Shortyz is probably one of the top picks for apps to help you while away the day. What more could you ask for?

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