Wordalot – Picture Crossword App for Android


Wordalot is an innovative new Crossword game from Wordstakes, the makers of word search puzzles. I quickly looked around their website and found that the Wordalot series. This makes sense as the teacher has to work out what the word is and then work out how to make the correct meaning match with the correct … Read more

Different Types of Crossword Apps for Android

Types of Crossword Apps

A Crossword is a puzzle that contains at least two letters of the alphabet printed in the form of a square. Each letter in a Crossword has a special meaning. There are many kinds of Crosswords, each having its own rules. The most popular among these are the English Crossword, Cryptic Crossword, and the Wordsearch … Read more

Are There Any Free Crossword Apps / Websites in 2021?

Crossword Apps

What is Crossword Puzzle? Crossword puzzles are challenging word puzzles that can sound easy initially, but they are challenging. One good example of this kind of puzzle is ‘agrams.’ Anagrams are simply a way to create a meaningful picture by replacing each letter of the word with alphabets or pictographs. This can be done by … Read more

Which is The Best Free Word Game App in 2021

Best Free Word Game App

Do you like word¬†puzzle games? If yes, then this article will be beneficial for you. Free word games are a great way to spend leisure time. You can also use them to improve your English grammar, mostly when you play a word game based on an English sentence. There are many different types of crossword … Read more