5 Best Crossword Apps for Android in 2021

If you want to increase your proficiency in the English language, then this article can help you. In this article, we are going to share a list of the best Crossword apps for Android. Rather than playing time-wasting games, you can play these crossword apps so that you can learn about more words.

What is the Use Of Crossword Apps?

Crossword apps are very useful as they are more than just a game. With using these Crossword apps, you can enjoy while playing a game.

Crossword Apps for Android devices are great fun, and they are a must-have in your phone. If you want to find some of the best Crossword Apps for Android or any other phone, please read this article. This way, you will be able to enjoy online crossword puzzles whenever you want.

Solve daily puzzles with unlimited access to new grid sizes and word themes.¬†Crossword App users can enter text in any four grid sizes: Land, Sky, Ocean, and Mountain. To save their favorite words, users can tap on the “Save” option.

Users can solve a wide range of fun and challenging puzzles and trivia. You can use your Android phone as a personal computer and use your fingers to do calculations and even manipulate graphics. There are many other fun activities that you can do with your phone, and Crossword Apps for Android is a great way to do it. Many other apps offer a range of different options, like storing your favorite photos and videos so that you can access them later.

These free Crossword apps provide unlimited access to popular word games and puzzles for a long time. You can use your Android phone as a word processor. Solve crossword puzzles and enjoy brainteasers, word finds Scrabble, jumbled letters, and lots more.

Crossword Apps for Android is a great way to kill time, improve your memory, and get in top shape. Many such free Crossword Apps for Android and iOS devices are available on Google Play, which you can download directly from the play store. These types of puzzles can be extremely addicting, and you will be addicted for hours. The entire puzzle will be solved just by scanning the words. Once you have finished all the words, you can save the game, continue where you left off and try again.

Best Crossword Apps for Android

Crossword Apps are the fastest-growing smartphone applications of all times. So take a look at this list of top crossword apps for Android down below.

1. Word Search

Crossword comes with 17 different grid sizes and five different word search styles! Word Search crossword app is a fun and easy way to sharpen your wits and brains for that crossword competition or exam. It comes with an easy to use interface and features many challenging and exciting game modes that keep you engaged from start to finish. It also supports the five common themes and allows you to solve them with its advanced algorithm quickly.

2. Sudoku

Sudoku is another cool and addictive crossword app for Android-based on logic’s well-loved game. This crossword puzzle game features a unique logic engine that makes calculations while you play. You can come across several advanced hints, which can help you get through any of the levels quite easily. The other useful hints provided by the application have also proved their worth in cracking the various puzzles. Thus, this crossword puzzle app is an entertaining and educational tool and helps you sharpen your logical skills.

3. Quizflow

Another cool crossword puzzle app is a quiz maker, which helps you with intelligent and tricky crossword puzzles. The inbuilt dictionary and suggestion facility provide you with adequate assistance while trying to answer the quizzes. The main menu option lets you switch between different quizzes and hints. Apart from the normal functions, this has some advanced features, making it very easy to build up a vocabulary and understand tricky crosswords. Besides, it also provides you with the option of saving a quiz to load it later.

4. Vocabulary Builder

One of the most popular crossword app is a vocabulary builder, which is quite a fantastic tool to help you build up a large vocabulary quickly. It allows you to import a vocabulary from any language and give you suggestions and synonyms for the words. Apart from this, it even gives you access to popular online encyclopedias. This crossword puzzle app is an excellent way of improving your critical thinking skills. The hint option lets you know whether the suggested word is a synonym or an equivalent of the synonym.

5. Scramblefish

The scrambler fish allows you to solve challenging levels. You can adjust the difficulty of each level to make it even more challenging. To make the puzzles even more challenging, you may either include or exclude words with special rules like “all wrong” or “all even” in your solution.

This app comes with a crack the code option, which allows you to type in a real code and solve the crossword app. This option is available only on some of the expensive premium versions of the apps. It may not be compatible with lower-priced versions. In case you are unable to crack the code, the development community is there to assist you. There are many forums and tutorials available on the internet that can help you with cracking the code.

Best Crossword Apps for iPhone

iPhone and Android users can download crossword puzzles from the app stores. This will allow you to have access to an endless supply of free crosswords and clues.

The Crossword Forums offer a huge crossword puzzles and vocabulary games database, which you can search through for hours. The forum is moderated by some of the giant crossword puzzles and vocabulary games enthusiasts on the internet. You can ask questions, get answers, and see all kinds of interesting discussions. There are also many community links that you can click on, which take you right back to the Crossword App that you were having last week.

These are just two examples of what you can do with the Crossword Apps for Android and iPhone. To find out loads more, download and start playing crossword quizzes and look at the various challenges. There is a short hint that will give you extra points if you can crack it for every question. Not only will you increase your vocabulary, but you’ll also increase your chances of finding your next crossword puzzle solution.

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