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About me

My mission:  I help people work together when they’re not in the same place. I’m out to recreate that “sitting next to me” feeling for teams and organisations who can’t be right there, but still need a sense of togetherness.

I’m a London-based freelancer with experience in the UK public sector and the private.  I’ve designed or managed the teams behind:

Synapse (NHS)

Synapse, the communications network for junior doctors in the NHS

This structured social networking application provides NHS doctors in training with the people and information they need, on the fly, as they rotate through hospitals and programmes in their training.

CoP logo

The IDeA’s Communities of Practice platform

This community site supports collaboration across the UK local government sector, joining up those in parallel positions (or facing similar challenges) regardless of geography.

I’ve also managed projects with MacArthur Energy, Programmes for Change, the IDeA and DCSF.

I like designing and implementing technologies so it makes a difference to PEOPLE;  connecting you with the information or colleagues you didn’t know you could reach.  I live for those moments when you sit up and say, “I didn’t know life could work this smoothly!”

You can also find me on Twitter @hadleybeeman, or LinkedIn.

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