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Wordalot is an innovative new Crossword game from Wordstakes, the makers of word search puzzles. I quickly looked around their website and found that the Wordalot series. This makes sense as the teacher has to work out what the word is and then work out how to make the correct meaning match with the correct picture in each clue. The student only needs to find the answer to the last problem within that clue and the answers to previous questions. That’s pretty impressive.

So what makes Wordalot so attractive to children and adults? Each day you have a set amount of clues to solve a puzzle, and one of these Crossword puzzles are specially designed to be easy for you to complete without any guesswork or questioning.

Wordalot – The Best Picture Crossword App for Android

The new Wordalot Daily challenge is an enjoyable activity and is played in three different stages. You start by finding a clue from the word on the puzzle and finding all the other clues within a certain time limit. As the clues are shown, it becomes clear that you will need to consider several factors when answering each clue. And the more clues you use, the more difficult the answer will be. There is a hint system, which means that the more clues you use, the easier they will be to solve.


There is another level of the Wordalot game, which is called the Scramble-oopa. The code within this new level is not as creative as the previous levels, but it is still challenging and fun. In this challenging new level, you will need to use a dictionary of up to seven words, so you will have to memorize your dictionary and increase your skill level accordingly.

The latest update of Wordalot includes some stunning hand-picked images from around the world. Each image has been carefully chosen to represent its English meaning. This means you will always know what an image is showing, and at the same time, it will look exceptionally professional. You can see a stunning example of this feature in action in the ‘Pages to Pages’ section. This section allows you to look at your own Wordalot account and select your favorite pictures to place next to a particular English word.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have been invited to take part in the Wordalot Challenge, then congratulations! You will instantly be aware that the whole point behind Wordalot is to help people learn new languages. So how does Wordalot work? The basic idea is that you are shown an image related to a particular word, and you will have to make your guess as to what that word is. The more you make mistakes, the more points you earn, and eventually, if you get it right, you will be given the perfect word! Sounds easy, but it gets far easier as you progress through the challenges.

At the end of each day, you will be presented with a Daily Challenge. A simple crossword puzzle that is very tricky to solve but worth a try.

Wordalot is currently only available for a limited time, and to encourage people to try and beat their Wordalot times, they are offering double the prizes! Not bad, eh? Plus, the best thing about Wordalot is that it loads of fun. It’s like having your digital assistant to help with any of your everyday tasks!

There are many websites you can find on the Internet that allow you to play online Wordalot crossword games.

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