How to Move WhatsApp Chat to Telegram (Android & iOS)

Recently Facebook has announced a new privacy policy for WhatsApp users. Because of that new WhatsApp policy, people move to other social media apps like Telegram and Signal. We don’t talk much about WhatsApp’s new policy here, but today we will share a very helpful guide.

While moving to another chat app, one of the main concerns is chat history and media. Users want to know how to move older WhatsApp chat history to another App. Well, today we are going to share a wonderful trick. Using this trick, you can move all your WhatsApp messages, Images, Videos to the Telegram app for free. The process is very simple and quick.

Telegram Can Now Move Chat History From Whatsapp And Other Apps

Today, Telegram has released a new update for Android and iOS users. So its users can now import WhatsApp chat to the Telegram app.

According to the Telegram blog post, over 100 million new users joined Telegram in January. This is huge. It shows that users are looking for privacy and security. Telegram is one of the best chat app with high-end security features and end to end encryption. Your chat is stored on secured servers, and there is no need to take a backup.

Telegram sends all your messages to a secure server. You can access your chat and media files anytime, anywhere from any device. Also, you can send a 1GB file in Telegram chat.

Now let’s talk about how you can move your WhatsApp chat to Telegram.


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How to Move WhatsApp Chat to Telegram Including Media (Android & iOS)

First, you have to update the Telegram app. Telegram has released a new version today. So update to the latest version from the app store.

Once your Telegram app is updated, follow these steps.

1.. Open WhatsApp on your Android or iOS phone.

2.. Then click on a chat which you want to export to Telegram.

3.. Then click on the 3 dots button on the upper right corner.

4.. Then go to More > Export chat.

5.. Here you will be asked if you want to export only chat or chat with Media files. Select your choice here.

6.. It will take some time to initialize your request. Once done, you will see a popup menu. Select Telegram app in the menu.

7.. It will open a Telegram App.

NOTE: Note that the other person of which chat your exporting should be available on Telegram.

If I want to export “Luna” user chat from WhatsApp to Telegram then Luna user should be available on Telegram.

8.. Click on that person’s chat. (Here Luna user)

9.. It will take some time depending on your WhatsApp chat size.

Once done, you can access all your WhatsApp chat history on Telegram with the original timestamp and media files.

Not only Whatsapp, but you can also move your chat from many other apps like Line and KakaoTalk to Telegram.

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