What is a DRM Reset and How to Perform a DRM Reset

Digital content creators use the DRM License, also known as the Digital Rights Management license. This DRM License is used to stop the illegal distribution or piracy of their content. Digital Rights Management License is nothing but a security code that allows users to view and use digital media products like music, films, and videos. Different kinds of Digital Rights Management Licenses are available in the market today.

In this article, we are going to share detailed information about DRM resets.

What is a DRM?

DRM license allows your phone to distribute digital content without any problem. If you want to access digital content, an active DRM license is required on your smartphone. You don’t need to do anything. DRMs are usually automatically activated whenever you watch any digital content.

Most mobile device users are unaware of what the DRM (DRM License) is all about. They must know this important licensing agreement before agreeing to use certain applications or buy digital devices from certain manufacturers. This is because the sales representatives often refer to the DRM as a license, but it’s not. A license is a contract between a digital distribution company and a manufacturer.

After reading this article, you’ll have a good idea of what is involved with purchasing a DRM-enabled mobile device. The DRM license is the terms and conditions agreed between two companies: the distributor and the manufacturer.

What is a DRM reset?

DRM reset is about deleting the DRM licenses, which are currently active. Usually, the user will perform a DRM reset when they are selling their phone.

DRM Reset VS Factory Reset

Factory reset will erase everything on your phone. On the other hand, DRM reset will only remove DRM licenses.

What is a DRM key?

A DRM key is a security code given to a user to access, use or operate on a digital product.

What is a DRM WMA file?

A DRM WMA file is, essentially, like a setting where all security and compatibility settings are stored. These particular files usually reside in the “keys” directory. That is, every single key/value pair associated with a particular product needs to be stored in this directory.

How to Perform a DRM Reset

Here is how you can reset or delete the DRM on your Android Smartphone:

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1. Go to Android Settings > Backup and Reset > DRM Reset.

2. This step will open the DRM menu. Select DRM Reset again and then confirm your operation.

These two steps will remove all DRM related data from your smartphone.

Why Should I Use the DRM License?

The primary benefit of the DRM is that it protects the intellectual property rights of the manufacturer or distributor. This means that if you are not happy with how the software has been preloaded onto your phone, you can call Samsung and say that you want to remove the software. At that point, you will not be able to remove the software from their device legally. This gives you the ability to use their product, with the restrictions you agreed to when you purchased it.

Can I Download Apps that have the DRM Lock?

As mentioned above, the software locks many applications from being preloaded onto Samsung devices. Fortunately, companies have developed mobile software that circumvents the lock and allow you to use all of the apps you want. Once downloaded and installed, these apps are entirely legal and will work with any Samsung smartphone.

What if I lose my key?

If you lose your key, you may not be able to use the device. You will have to go through recovering your keys or recovering the passwords of your other Samsung accounts.

How do I change my DRM license?

A common question that many end-users wonder about is what is the cost to change your DRM license. It is important to note that changing the license is not free. You will have to pay an activation fee to transfer your license to a different device in most cases. This fee will also apply if you attempt to register the product with Samsung directly.


It is very easy to erase DRM data from any Android phone. It is always recommended to reset or remove DRM before selling your phone to ensure that other users do not misuse your purchased DRM licenses.

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