Download Odin Flash Tool: How to Use it in 2021?

If you want to flash custom ROMs on your Samsung Android device or customize your ROM, you have to use the Odin Flash tool. Samsung Odin Flash software is a handy tool that allows users to apply tweaks to their Samsung Android phones.

You will learn how to download the Samsung Odin tool to flash custom ROMs and unlock the bootloader.

What is the Samsung Odin Tool?

If you want to flash a custom ROM to your Samsung phone or customize your Android OS version, you will have to use the Samsung Odin tool. Samsung Odin tool, or you can say firmware flashing tool, is designed to customize Samsung devices. You can apply many Android tweaks using this Odin tool. You can also install Samsung’s stock firmware using this Odin tool.

Features Of Odin Flash Tool

  • Supports many custom ROMs
  • You can install a custom recovery menu like TWRP and custom kernel build.
  • Root or unroot the device.
  • Flash stock firmware and recovery
  • Free to use

Things You Need

Here are things that you need if you want to use the Odin tool

  • Windows PC
  • Samsung USB drivers
  • USB cable to connect your phone and PC
  • 80%+ battery
  • ADB Fastboot drivers

How to Download the Odin Flash Tool

The Samsung Odin flash tool is used to repair and/or optimize your Samsung Android phones’ performance. It enables the users to get the best performance possible out of their devices. It also helps in the recovery and rooting of the various damaged parts of your phone.

The Odin flash tool helps in various problems that users usually come across with their Samsung android devices. Samsung developed it to assist its users in performing a lot of tasks faster. Most of the errors that occur in your devices can be fixed easily using this tool. Before anything else, you need to download the custom kernel from the Samsung site.


Odin Flash Tool
Odin Flash Tool

Download Odin Flash Tool

Many different versions are available for different Android versions.

Download the right version from the links below:

How To Install & Setup Odin Tool On Windows?

Step 1: Download the Odin tool and then extract the file. Then double click on the exe file to open it.

odin extract

Step 2: Odin will open on your computer then.

Step 3: To connect your Samsung device, you have to reboot your device into download mode. Press these buttons together(Volume down+Power+Home buttons). 

Step 4: Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable. You will get a notification in Odin when your device is connected.

How to Use Odin Tool

use odin tool

Samsung Odin Tool FAQs

Here are some common questions asked by many Samsung users. I will try to answer them in simple language. If you have any questions and it’s not on the list, then comment below.

Can you install the Odin flash tool in “Download mode?”

No. Several problems occur when you try to install the application in “Download mode.” It is often recommended that you use the device’s “Normal mode” when you want to perform such an operation.

How do I know if I have the latest version of the Odin flash tool?

You will get the latest version as soon as you purchase the application. Make sure you also download the latest update of the “Download Manager” for the particular application (e.g., Google Android Studio). The “Download Manager” is a window that appears when you click on the respective icon of any Android device.

How do I know if I have to connect my device via USB or Bluetooth?

Connect your device via USB to use the Odin flash tool. However, you must also connect your device via Bluetooth if you intend to transfer files from it to other computers. Otherwise, the data cannot be read by Odin.

How do I backup my pit file?

You can backup your pit file using an “FTP” connection. If you don’t know how to do that, you can download the free “My SQLite Online Recovery” software. Connect your phone and select the recovery option.

How do I remove “oatmeal” and restore the original factory settings?

You have to take your device apart to remove or backup your flash memory. This can be done by connecting the device to the computer, unplugging it, and then running a Windows Recovery Program such as “Advanced Task Manager.” Select the “scan” tab, locate your modem file, click the “restore” tab and then choose “yes.” You’ll see a new window with the Restore tab open where you can click “format” to format your device and save it as a fresh copy.

How do I restore my device to factory default or modified settings?

You can also opt to “flashing” your device, which is very similar to wiping it with a real flash drive. However, flashing your phone will modify the device’s boot parameters to boot more smoothly than wiping.

If you’re ready to doodle on your Xoom, here are the things you need to prepare for your custom recovery. – Download a stock recovery program from Google. You can use “Super Caller” or “Advanced Task Manager” for this task. – Connect your phone via USB cable and run into recovery mode by holding “Home + Home + Power + Sleep.” The screen will turn off, and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to install the custom recovery.

Install the tool from the zip file. Run it, choose your OS (i.e., Windows) and follow the on-screen instructions. Enjoy your newly modified Odin. Before attempting other stuff, make sure you back up your work, as it’s a one-time process. Enjoy your touch screen gadget, as it’s now better than before.

Is it safe to use Odin on my older Samsung models?

You should only use Odin on the latest version of the stock room. Older Samsung models are not compatible with the latest version of the software, which means that you will likely experience poor performance, random reboots, and other errors. If you are not sure if your Samsung model is compatible with the latest version, you can check with Samsung to see their recommended user’s area.

How can I make my computer start with Odin features?

The easiest way to make your computer start with Odin features is to download the latest build of Odin from the Samsung website.

  1. Once you have downloaded the latest build, you will need to install the app.
  2. After you have installed the Odin tool, launch it, and allow it to scan your device.
  3. Once the scan has been completed, it will show a list of all the files & folders on your device that are updated or corrupted.

Is it safe to use Samsung recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy S4?

Yes, it is safe to use this mode in most situations. Samsung recovery mode allows you to do a few different things if your Samsung Galaxy S4 turns on its auto-boot mode. It will boot into a web browser, perform some basic system maintenance, and set some additional features such as recovery tools and other apps.

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