Privacy legislation and teenagers

Privacy legislation and teenagers: Leave me and my Facebook alone!

Developing an adolescent network of friends Being a teenager, for me, was largely a trial-and-error process of figuring out how to be an adult. I wanted autonomy, I wanted to […]

The spam of my blog

The spam of my blog

Because it’s a Friday, and because this has made me laugh through the week, I’d like to share with you a bit about my blog’s spam. Quick background: let me […]

Bulgaria sees the value in tech growth

Bulgaria sees the value in tech growth

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Bulgaria and was struck by a country in economic and technological transition. The apartment blocks and factories, remnants of an industrial Communist era […]

DIY Publicity

DIY Publicity: promoting your band through social networking

A friend of mine has a band. They are great musicians and fun people — the consumate performers. They are busily working their contacts in the music industry and in […]

We the people vs Facebook, Google

We the people vs Facebook, Google et al

It’s interesting to me that these issues are based in the same quandry: how do we, as a society, deal with placing the control of our content in the hands […]

Collaborative learning resources

Collaborative learning resources

Just a quick follow-up to my feature on collaborative learning over at LGEO Research…. I’ve been asked for references, so here they are! e-Learning Anaesthesia (eLA) This is a joint […]

open data

Uses for Open Data in Social Media

I’m often asked these days why people would bother with open data. (Here, I’m using LinkedGov’s definition of open data.) I thought it would be useful to write down and […]

Why your Business Needs Bookkeeping Right Now

Business owners today failed to maintain their business bookkeeping losing track of your business finances can make you lose your sanity in tax season and ultimately getting you to drag […]