About Us

Who We Are?

NMT Electronics is a worldwide society of electronic engineers and enthusiasts. We are engaged in the process of research, design, and development of different electronic products and solutions, and their relevant resources. We are involved in different fields of electronics with the goal of achieving end-applications and solutions for users, learners, and developers alike. We aim to contribute positively in the world of electronic products and resources, as well as participating in the worldwide market of open-source solutions and media. NMT Electronics is affiliated with a registered information technology startup in Amman, Jordan.


NMT Electronics delivers a unique mixture of both profit and non-profit solutions and resources for its society. In addition of developing our own experimental commercial products from while to while, and providing paid engineering services, we are focused on delivering open-source Edtech frameworks to the electronics society worldwide, hardware- and software-wise. Additionally, we have established our own public online media platform for publication of crucial informational resources of the field.


To deliver the finest of our electronic products and resources through the implementation of modern technologies and great minds working together, positively contributing in a world of rapidly-growing modern electronic solutions.


To leave a positive signature in the worldwide market of open-source solutions and media, by facilitating the way for learners and intermediates alike to find their passion in the different fields of electronics.


“NMT” represents the name initials of the legendary American-Serbian inventor and electro-mechanical engineer “Nikola Milutin Tesla”, the team’s ultimate role model in invention and creation, and the “smartest man alive”, according to Albert Einstein.


We strive to implement the finest and latest technologies and tools of the field, whether it is used in the product itself, or in the design and development process. Nevertheless, we are committed to maintain a reasonable balance with the affordability and demand of what we do. We are application-oriented, and we care a lot about the simplicity, compatibility, modularity, and usability.


NMT Electronics has started unofficially in Amman, Jordan as of May 2018, as a proposed startup for affordable electronic home automation solutions. The business has started with the “Sentry” home security system, a simple, yet an effective and reliable multi-node portable wireless solution. The product has been sold to a customer and is operating successfully since then, encouraging further realizations.

Starting from 2019, we have been more focused on delivering more advanced and diverse smart automation and IoT solutions, as well as starting the research and development process of our open-source educational solutions.

Starting from November 2020, the team expanded and started the progress of development and publication officially. Since then, the progress has been redirecting towards interacting with the worldwide society, by facilitating the access to our resources digitally, focusing on intellectual delivery of products and services, as well as inviting collaborators and participants from all over the world.


Dixit Systems

Powering our resources databaste with the CADFlux online 3D viewer

PowerON Tech

Collaborating with in the field smart reneweble energy products


Patnering to offer one-stop design and manufacturing services to our clients