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February 18th, 2010 - 2:11 pm § in social tools

We the people vs Facebook, Google et al.

These four news items and issues are based in the same quandry: how do we, as a society, deal with placing the control of our content in the hands of a few big providers?[...]

December 2nd, 2007 - 12:30 pm § in collaboration, online communities, social tools

DIY Publicity: promoting your band through social networking

A friend of mine has a band. They are great musicians and fun people — the consumate performers. They are busily working their contacts in the music industry and in discussions with record labels for contracts. They have a lot going for them, but when it comes to gigs… Disappointingly fe[...]

January 31st, 2007 - 4:54 pm § in online communities, social tools

Privacy legislation and teenagers: Leave me and my Facebook alone!

Developing an adolescent network of friends Being a teenager, for me, was largely a trial-and-error process of figuring out how to be an adult. I wanted autonomy, I wanted to succeed, and I wanted to be able to ask for help — but only on my terms. I created a “family” of friends, r[...]

December 1st, 2006 - 10:36 pm § in online communities

Being yourself in the virtual world

The messages we broadcast As I wander through my day, I’m reasonably conscious of the messages I’m broadcasting: I try to dress well to present an image of being competent, I phrase my comments in such a way that my colleagues will feel good about working with me, I’m conscious of [...]

October 29th, 2006 - 7:26 pm § in Uncategorized

Porn and social networking: tracking STD transmission

It’s the ultimate social networking scenario: who’s been having sex with whom? I remember a health class exercise to demonstrate the power of viral transmission of STDs: the teacher secretly told one of us we were “infected” and then asked each of us to shake hands with three[...]

October 16th, 2006 - 11:06 am § in social tools

Management mistakes: what to learn from Friendster

It seems to me that in this field there is an eternal tension between technologists who can make things, users who take them into their own lives, and companies/management who are essential for it all to happen. Wallflower at the Web party was in yesterday’s New York Times (re-posted here, no [...]

October 9th, 2006 - 3:56 pm § in Uncategorized

Social networking: fun for all ages!

This article from the International Business Times outlines the latest data from the leading social networking sites, as to what age group is logging on where. Interesting to note that 51% of American myspace users are above 35 years old, and 68% are above 25 years old. I guess it shows that online [...]